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"fox and friends" starts up in the sky. hi, this is mickleson and you are watching "fox and friends". >> we love to hear from phil mickleson. one of our favorite golfers. did you know it is international bakon day. i completely forgot. >> last weekend it was international bacon day. >> all year should be bacon year. >> today is like christmas. >> good to have ainsley here. >> right. >> got headlines to get to. we have extreme weather alert for you. hurricane earl downgraded to a tropical storm. the storm pounded coastal new england last night and on the way to canada. bringing heavy winds and heavy
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rains but no major problems except for minor flooding and power ought ages. we'll go live to cape cod on how the residents handled the storm. rick, you are ready for a nap? >> thank you, i like that. earl is moving out of here. little bit of rain remains. couple of thing tropicals. this was gaston and will likely become something later today and tomorrow . impact us posentially. this flair up could have pulled off north. that is earl moving around bang lor at this point . within a couple of four or five hours it is done for us . we will be done for earl.
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that is good news. we'll have complete sunshine much of the eastern sea board and so planning your labor day weekend, behind the storm things are looking beautiful. stay out of the water to let the rip currents go away. tomorrow things will be great. >> a state of emergency declared in new zealand christchurch. a second earthquake hit there this morning. a lot of people are trapped. happens of buildings are collapse power is out to thousands of people and many of the roads are broken up. also in new zealand a skydiving trip turns deadly. nine people were killed including four tourist from ireland, england and germany. it took off east of christchurch where the big earthquake took place.
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>> big equipment switch on the blown out well in the gulf. bp replaced the well head with a working one. it is expected to reach the water today. blow out preventer is considered key in to understanding what caused the april 20th explosion and the massive oil leak. >> new report shows that republicans could control 30 governor seats. according to the gubernatorial forecasting model. governors will do well. 37 states are holding election for governors this year. >> and all eyes on the economy. and the economy not looking any better this week. bad news coming out on friday when everyone is so thirsty and starving for something to go. there goes the unemployment
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rate from 9.5 to 9.6. the economy is shedding jobs last month and more people are heading in the work force. yet the president is trying to pend this positive. this is what he had to say on friday. >> i want all americans to remind themselves there are better days ahead. even after the economic crisis. our markets remain the most depinamic . we are moving in the right direction. we have to speed it up. >> let's let you decide. the president did not mention the loss of 54,000 jobs they had in the past month. take a look at the screen. this is bad news . overall the economy lost 54,000 . census jobs are taken off of the jobs. manufacturing lot of a lot of jobs and construction lost a lot of jobs and retail lost a
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lot of jobs. the white whoit is saying, look, a lot of people are back to work and trying to get back to work and they are back in the mix. we have reporting they are not looking for a job and you are taken out of those numbers. does this reflect them looking for a job? >> you talk about the numbers changing and unemployment going up, a lot of young voters in college are no longer voting democrat because it is hard to get a job. >> looking at economic numbers, they are staying at home with their parents . we can't even get a job. >> not good news. president obama's chief economic advisors, it was better than estimates. estimates were terrible and that is not accomplishing all
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that much. christine roamer was an architect of the stimulus plan. she is standing by it. if you look at the difficultuation we are in. thank heavens we did the spending and tax cuts we did in the recovery act. it was the right thing to do and prevented a great depression. >> that is possible, but it add 2.8 trillion to our deficit. that with the spending measures of the obama administration it is over 90 percent of the gdp. since show took over we added over 90 percent gdp to the debt . the national unemployment rate was 7.6 percent. show said i am not happy with that. a lot of the things in the stimulus were not very sexy. you don't see them.
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you see them on paper but don't see the road signs popping up in the overall economy. christine romer leaving the administration. her own people say it will not be back in the 7 range until 2013. >> gosh that long? >> this is president obama's first term. >> charlie rangel still sitting in the hot seat in new york and leading in the polls for reelection. calls for him to resign are increasing at this hour. the poll numbers. look at the poll numbers are not favorable. this is in stark contrast. two-thirds of the new york voters don't want him to run for reelection.
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they are up significantly where they are before. >> if he doesn't win the electiony hoe will have to get another job because of the legal fees. >> 70 percent of manhattan think he should end his congressional career. they have stuck by him through thick and thin. they are beginning to turn on him. 66 percent of the respondents said this is typical behavior for a congressmen. they say he should end his career but it is business as usual. >> it doesn't matter, he's still leading in harlem. he's 80 years old. i don't know. >> if you are giving money to him and his campaign. it is going to his legal battle. he spend 1.8 million total fighting the ethic's violation. yes, 1.8 million and counting.
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>> and he remains the clear favorite. you go for the polls and look for the name that is recognizable. all states everywhere they know where he is. >> that's how people vote. they remember the guy they had a pancake breakfast. all local and come down to people who you have shaken hands with. let us know what you think about charlie rangel. developor of the depround depround mosque wouldn't take money from terrorist organization. but what about the financial backers. one of them did give money to a terrorist group. what does it mean for the project ever getting built? >> you thought american reality tv shows cross the line. this is iraqi television happening over seas. shows that is tricking people
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends" on this saturday morning, the developor of the ground zero mosque had promised not to take money from sketchy sources. >> we will not take money from iran. we will not take money from hamas. we will not take money from organizations that have uncommern - unamerican values. >> interesting, a key backer of the mosque donated $6000 to a charity that was linked to hamas. has amal-dante is an egyptian
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born businessman given a significant investment to the ground zero mosque. we are joined by ray. thank you for being with us. you think at the time of the donation he knew they were linked to hamas? >> probably not. there was plenty of evidence for people who wanted to find it. he probably thought he was giving to a orphanage. when the prosecutor shut it down by the government, attorney general john ashcroft said they had duped a lot of people. >> they did dupe a lot of people. but it raises a lot of questions about gamal. we know that he's had 7 run ins with the authorities. he's been charged with soliciting prostitute in his life.
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there are serious questions. he will not talk to fox. he is mum about it what have you found about it. >> not so much about el-gamal. he's had legal problems. people in the new york media found that . his inability to come clean about where they will get the money is troubling. that is an ongoing theme throughout this situation. >> let's say he didn't know and he was giving money to a group linked to hamas. is this still grounds to say we don't want to have a mosque build near 9/11 or ground zero site? >> it doesn't happen the pro-mosque people. it is another thing that makes people wonder where the money is coming from. all of this is kind of accumulating and it just doesn't help the people who
7:16 am
want to build a mosque. >> we are trying to figure out where more of the money has been coming from. they are not forth coming about the investment. el-gamal said they will be transparent but that is not the case. will we uncover more of the shady business dealings? >> it is possible. we don't know who all of the investors are. if you find another person that gave money to a charity, they will be more problems. >> how do we investigate and find that information out? >> we worked with charles leaf, the fox reporter you had on earlier and we had documents from the holy land trial and we found out contributions that way. >> charlie talked to the investigators and back in the '90s, it was known by all that were involved in the group that they were linked to the mosque. it was not proven by the late
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'90s, though. >> that is true. it highlighted the concerns about the holy landation. that was a widely seen documental and polk award winning dallas . dallas morning news reported on that issue in the '90s. it was not hidden from public view. >> ray locker thank you for joining us this morning. >> some states allowing people to smoke marijuana without getting prosecuted but what about getting fired? people getting pink slips after drug tests. >> just in time for back to school, retailers selling this mug. my kid got your honor role student pregnant. harmless?
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or crossing the line? ♪ ♪ i find
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>> ♪ >> this is my license. >> news by the numbers. 132, that's the number of continental pilots that are heading back to work. the company credits growing passenger traffic and
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anticipated aircraft deliveries for the work. >> $3000, that's how much men waste in fuel by not asking for directions when they get loss. men travel 275 unnecessary miles each year, all racked up by dave briggs. 7384 that's how many dancers showed nup iowa to break the record for the hokeypokey. it was part of the five-fest to kick off the university of iowa. >> one foot in over here. that's not good. >> medical marijuana currently legal to use in 14 states. patients who qualify for the drug face a real risk of losing their job despite a legal reason to do so.
7:23 am
they have been fired for failing the drug test. some say the consequences are discrimnatory. we have an attorney who joins us live from washington. good to see you, jeff. >> this is a difficult issue. home depo. a guy has a prescription to deal with pain. tells his employer and they drug test him and he's still fired. what is the employee to do so, he is allowed to smoke medical marijuana. >> federal law is still the same and hasn't changed. under federal law possession of marijuana is illegal and the state's can't change that because federal law trumps state law. what the state stootutes do they provide protection for them being prosecuted.
7:24 am
there are 14 different statutes. most of the courts that came down on this, it is up to the employer to decide if they want to enforce no tolerance policy or make an exception for the employees who have the prescription. >> it sounds discrimnatory . some of the fired people may sue. does the federal government need new guidelines to protect the workers. it is the only way doctors ruled they can deal with the pain. do they need new guideline to address this? >> it is important to understand that employees are not impaired at work and they are obligated to make sure employees are not hurt at work. employers have to decide what they want to do and certainly they have every reason to make sure employees are not impaired . the safest way to do that is
7:25 am
have a policy if you test positive for drugs you will not be hired and we will fire you. it is a difficult situation . >> i understand the heavy machinery and dangerous circumstances, but how about a man in michigan fired from walmart telling his employer about the medical marijuana and telling them before the test, he was fired. just saying they have no case in the united states against wrongful termination? >> i am not saying they have no case and difficult to predict what courts will do. they depend on the circumstance and statute in that particular state. it is difficult for the employers to make an exception it is not easy as it sounds. if you have a positive testing positive you will not be employed. >> boy, it is not just a slippery slope. you can see the gray area.
7:26 am
employers don't want employees walking around stoned and on the other hand they need help in dealing with pain. >> jeff, thank you for shegged light on it. >> thank you so much. >> coming up. largest human trafficking case in u.s. history. the update on the main man and the bust. >> remember punt that pulled pranks oncelebings. iraqi tv version. getting people thinking there cars have bombs on them. you will not believe this one. >> you will barbecue a big feast. lamb on a spit with spoyce . lamb and goat. who else is happening that for birthday other than "fox and friends". don't go anywhere. ♪
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smote poker face. ♪ ma, mamamma. >> oh, my. like he is trying to pass a stone. >> it is weird like he had to read that. >> i love that. it is a shot we showed in the food we are cooking didn't make you lose your appetite that is just it. >> how do you think the grade would be on american idol. >> they would play it on the loop and play it on the promo. >> first week on american idol you get booted out. >> wait until you hear this story. in the united states we have the show punked. and it was fun and find celebrities that park their car somewhere and double parked and your car got towed
7:32 am
and funny and playful. but lin to this. thera an iraqi version of the show taking place in iraq and they do things that are so outrageous and scare the living bejesus. >> they take iraqi celebrities and well known people . they say come to the tv studio for an appointment. they plant a fake bomb in their car and take them out and accuse them of trying to blow them up. that is not cool, guys. >> and they say guess what, you are going to maximum security prison and getting executed . they can say that to the celebrity. >> that is comedy over there. >> it is not col. >> can you imagine you find that out and a bomb in your car and the show's host said this. the show will continue until the end of ramadan.
7:33 am
there are a lot of things said about it but it will go on. and this is probably the same type of thing. no such thing as bad publicity. this is over the line. but hey, reality tv. that is pushing the envelope. >> can you imagine the reaction of celebrities. they are upset and then ashton kutcher said you will be executed. they would be crying. >> it once they are told that you are punked and iraqi punked, you can see them all hugging that was hilarous x. they are fine with it. one of the celebrity said i am a fam family -- family man. i have two kids. >> put them in camp. what do you think about this? get us all on twitter, too.
7:34 am
ainsley has to figure out how. >> i have another thing to worry about. >> let me tell you about the headlines, blaming you clayton. head of labor recruiting company pled not guilty for what the f.b.i. said is the largest human trafficking case. ceo of global horr rison manpower. lured worker thailand by promising lucrative jobs. they wound up on farms in high highway and washington. and had passports confiscate threatened with deportation. we are hearing frantic 911 calls from the hostage situation from discovery channel. >> i saw the men on the ground. i am across the street and i see a security guard. he has his hand in the the
7:35 am
air. there is a man on his stomach. the other security guard from the desk get on his stomach as well >> james lee took three people hostage before he was shot dead. lee had a history of ranting against the discovery network. >> details about a doctor whose research tube caused problems in the airport. he was in the news for swiping tubes from texas tech. screeners noticed a suspicious tube in his luggage that looked like a pipe bomb. it was a research tool. he will not face charges in that. dramatic pictures from a plane crash in oregon. you don't awn see a tail of a plane sticking out of the
7:36 am
house. here it is. the cessna, stalled and took a snose dive in the home. the pilot and the homeowner survived. that just opens up the door and jumps out. here i am home. >> i am here for dinner. >> you don't see that every day. >> steeler's quarterback ben roethlisberger back on the field sooner than expected. the nfl commissioner roger gadel reduced the suspension from six to four. depadel is pleased with the progress roethlisberger is making off of the field . he was accused of a sexual assault by a georgia college student. full slate of college football games. 19 of the top 25 plays. nfl trading. they shift patrick crayton to the chargers. they are reeling because of
7:37 am
the hold out of vin cent jackson. vikings, he will be the back-up quarterback . shot for the u.s. open. franscisa. between here legs. ala roger federer . check it out again. rick can do that by the way. >> he can't do that . venus williams also a winner yesterday. >> rick is outside cooking up a delicious breakfast. >> if i could do that, i would not be doing this job. i would be making 15 million a year playing tennis. hurricanarily is gone . everybody is happy that the storm is gone. we went and got the best
7:38 am
barbecuers in town. they are from fatty q. list of 100 best sandwich in new york city number one. you guys are the real deal. >> we have a lamb on the spit and long chili marinade. >> most people are doing burger and on the grill. >> this is garlic and lemon juice and fish oil. >> absolutely. >> that brush doesn't look like a regular brush. >> it is a wooden spoon with herbs. >> how long do you cock it. >> six or sen hours. >> you want to jump on line camps cookers in brooklyn. >> we'll move on other to other items.
7:39 am
>> we have robby. you are the print master. i had a big green egg. >> i love it . i know it is a cocker that is efficient and responds well . retains the temperature and recovers well. >> what is in it. >> lamb ribs. it is similar to a pork. it has the rib breast meet. >> cook them low and slow. >> cook them at 225 degrees can takes 6 hours. >> you have a marinade. >> white wine, garlic and shallots and chi. cincalok. >> if someone is saying i am sick of my burger and whatever. what are the ingredient you
7:40 am
can throw in to make it spicy and more interesting? >> i am going to say chicalo . can shrimp . palm saugar and indonesia long pepper. >> that is something you can get in the average store. >> this is incredible and this is what you just sliced off of the spit. >> off of the spit. >> how is that. >> that is ridic wellulous. i love lamb. this is good. >> you get all of the recipes at "fox and friends" website. and we have bacon in the next hour . coming up over here there is a pig and we'll eat it all morning long. if you are visiting, i know you can get over here and we'll feed you. >> rick, can we get a plate. >> probably not unless you
7:41 am
have someone bring it to you. >> he will eat it all. >> and another job that is following and tracking hurricane earl. see if he can get back in here and do that. it has drenched new england . canada is in its path. we'll have a live report. >> retailers are selling thengs like >> my kid got your honor role student pregnant. is it harmless or crossing the line. we'll look at that. ♪ ♪ yes! ♪
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7:45 am
arms committee wants to know if it had help from shell companies. >> kara stepping down from judge in american idol. that leaves only randy jackson asal judge. steven tyler and shania. she was a fan of the show. >> we are a fan much hers. >> and hurricane earl is downgraded to a tropical storm it is on the way to canada after heavy wind and rain. >> here is the latest with peter. looks nice. just a little breeze. >> it is just a little breeze. the hurricane is gone. like you said about the time it made landfall, earl became a tropical storm. it was weaker and still very powerful. look at
7:46 am
it is about 11:00 local time in the chat thereto ham fishing pier. we are getting heavy rains and strong rain. it feels like you are stung boy a bee or bit know by a bug. chatham is protected by a sand bar. the water is very, very choppy. we haven't seen them get out in this. we have seen seals surfing up here with all of the people are. excouse me . this is the fishing pier. normal low most people have boats out here. since everybody took it out except for one guy. unofficial end of summer going out with a bang here in chatham. it is the morning after, just a perfect cape cod day right now. from what we can tell no extensive damage. many of the locates came here
7:47 am
to light house beach to see the rough waves for themselves. they were not letting earl tropical storm to get in the way. guys? >> people finding good beach days afterwards. dave and i were remarking about the hair. new sea water is the best for the hair. >> rocking that. it makes it lighter in the sun and wind blown look. >> that's the key. water. hurricane blown sea water. >> we appreciate it, man. getting hurricane duty was tough, but that looks all right. >> he didn't have to be strapped to something on a pier. >> coming up on the show. president bill clinton making excuses for democrats. he said they need more time to
7:48 am
undo the damage done by the gop. aren't they in charge now. >> still some say it is okay . fair and balanced debate next. ♪
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>> a warning to our viewers that some of the images that you are about to see mighting disturbing for the young kids to see. imagine looking for back to school supplies. it is that time of year for your children. you come across this. a mouse pad sold on my kid got your honor roll student pregnant. one was so outraged and the company removed them from the site. the company is still selling those products with that phrase and others on them. like the t-shirt. i molested your honor student. they are sold on we have parents to talk about melissa write in the orange county register and stephanie thompson who is a mommy bloger
7:53 am
and free lance writer as well. elizabeth you are upon on the site and you found these items. tell me about that day? >> i was not the one who found it but i found research and recently as last night went on line and discovered that the products are still there. i frankly think it is not only -- it glorifies bad behavior . the messages normalize violence against children. >> stephanie, i understand the argument. you don't care for the items and it is a person a right and freedom of expression? >> there are so many tshirsts out in the world that people are expressing their rebellion against the things that they see as pretending. people being the perfect
7:54 am
parent. my child is on the hopor roll. there is no reason to tell the world that. tell your child you are proud . we can't control what is out in the world and in public and gives us an opportunity to talk to our children about irony and our children are smart. if we explain things to them it giches us a relationship to our children and while i don't like them. they have a place in our society and they will continue. >> elizabeth, you can see these items, but you don't have to buy them? >> of course, free speech is free speech. my question for sears in particular is, is this really the image that they want to portray in why are they doing business with a business with a company that condones messages that to me normalize,
7:55 am
to be honest. i think it is illegal. why are we saying it is okay in i don't know why. it seems like -- i don't know why it is a question. the spokesman said we will review and say if the products fit in your market guidelines? >> people are sick of people pretending and i think the debate is not do you really think that someone molested the honor roll? it is satire and tired of parents that are not necessarily talking to their children about things they need to talk about. i think people people are outraged. >> i understand what you are saying however there are some thing that is are not funny. >> it is a nonissue. who would say it is okay to say i molested your honor
7:56 am
student. no one should be molested in any age. that is young. >> it is. it is not necessarily the best thing out there. but the point is, we don't control what our children see. >> ladies, i appreciate your argument. sears statement. that the offending items were offered by a third party vendor. we have removed some of the items and we apologize to customers that were offended. ama zon is still selling the items and shock have you seen. they don't have complaints and if you are a parent and want to complape, they will take your calls. >> thanks, ladies. president obama is promising americans that jobs are on the
7:57 am
way . a major scuffle at tony blair's book signing. pelted with eggs and shoes. what protestors were heated up about. we'll be right back. interesting grooming. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check. an easy choice. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me.
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80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit.
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>> it is saturday september 4th. i am filling in for allison this morning. hurricane earl is weaken to a tropical storm. it is packing a punch. we have an update on where it is head the other storms that are right on its tail. and president bill clinton making excuses for the democrat ahead of the midterm election. he said they need more time to undo the damage by the gop. but aren't they in charge? >> a friendship year old boy wearing a sign saying he needs
8:01 am
to behave so if he continues he will not make money. weekend show is a special treat and tweet as well >> i am bristol palin on dance the stars and you are watching "fox and friends". >> and hurricane earl. >> no. it is a tropical storm. >> congratulations on being downgraded this morning. >> we are happy about that. >> we'll start with the extreme weather alert. hurricane earl downgraded to a tropical storm. >> wind and rain over in canada . no significant damage was reported. minor flood power outages over there . even the wind blew off. >> rick is getting -- thank you for getting dressed for your weather this morning.
8:02 am
we appreciate it. >> that was the fastest jact pull on. >> the sleeves. >> you are like your own hurricane. >> that is strong as the winds were with this storm . there you g. about to make landfall and father out and going 30 miles per hour . somewhere in nova scottia and storm surge with that and down to 70 miles per hour and look at the satellite radar picture behind it it is on the cape and sunshine. that is the case for maine . behind it, it is going to be so nice all week woke long, today, tomorrow and monday. it was hot. temperatures in the 90s in maine . heave wave and behind this 60s and sents. that is welcome news. couple of things on the trop bes. that is gaston . this is the next disturbance .
8:03 am
20 percent chance of development. this is so close in the caribbean. you might want to watch it in the gulf of mexico. >> and funny you can say. how bad is it in montauk. winds are strong as hand dryer in the bathroom. >> stronger now. >> it will blow you away. and some of them take four minutes to get your hands dry. those i can't stand. >> and right. state of the emergency declared in new zealand's second largest city. christchurch. another earthquake struck this morning. no reports of casulties but say some people are trapped. power is out to the individuals and many roads are broken up as well and ruptured oil well in the gulf, bp removed the failed blow out preventer and replace today
8:04 am
with a working one. stack of valves and pipes and will reach the area . it is key to understanding what happened on april 20th. >> remember those outrageous city salaries in bell, california? it could lead to pension reform in the golden state. they are looking in to whether the city manager should receive his $600,000 pension. investigators say part-time work on city boards, and if that is taken out his pension could drop dramatically. >> commotion in dublin. woah. look at thisupset about the role in the iraq war.
8:05 am
demonstrators hurled eggs and shoes at him and he was not hit. thank goodness. >> that's what you would not through, your shoes. >> never. never. never throw those things. >> turning your attention now. millions of americans are out of work and new jobs are lost last month. president obama is reaffirming the commitment to american worker and the middle class. >> he said government investments will lead to jobs. julie curt is in washington with more. >>reporter: the president saying that the middle class is squeezed the most in the recession and working hard to turn that around. obama uses labor day weekend address to talk about his efforts to create jobs and make college more affordable and overhaul the health health system. these comments follow
8:06 am
discoveraging news that the labor department shed 54,000 jobs in august . here is obama this morning. >> so this labor day we commit ourselves to time-honored values and to this fundmental truth. to heal our economy we node more than a healthy stock market and bustling main streets and a growing middle class. >> republicans this morning said president obama's recovery summer failed to materialize and it is time to do something new. >> the nation's unemployment rate is above nine percent for 16 consectative months despite the fact that obama administration promised that the trillion dollar stimulus would keep employment under 8 percent. who are the jobs? >> expect more talk about jobs
8:07 am
aids say on wednesday he will lay out a new set of ideas in's speech from cleveland. >> thank you from washington this morning, president clinton on the campaign trail. when president clinton left office with a large approval rating. it was seen by the obama administration to bring bill clinton in the fold. here's what he had to say on the campaign trial. >> we need first of all independent people who think and do what is best for you. you got to have people who think and not ideogs . the thing that bothers me about the republican candidates. they are utterly impervous to evidence. >> we only had 21 months and president obama had only 21 months to fix this thing.
8:08 am
hoe said president obama needs more time to get the job done. >> that is one thing. but get consistent on the messages. but president obama's people are the ones who say. if we pass the stimulus unemployment will not pass eight percent. we know it is 9 percent. and joe biden said we will create are you i jobs a month in the summer recovery . we shed 5 much i times. why are they raising the bar so high in they are no one to blame but themselves . we debated this earlier on the program. >> the argument of needing more time. i could buy that if there were evidence that it was headed in the right direction . >> we are not in the b-haped recovery it is slow and steady and in the right path and that's what president clinton is talking about and president
8:09 am
obama. please be patient. >> bill clinton is speaking from experience. bee know what happened in the midterm election contracts with america lost control of congress and maybe that's what he is speaking from. people were not happy with him. >> they are saying enough is enough. americans can only be patient so long. mortgage it is are not paid and people are not getting a paycheck it is more than patience. we need money. >> the republicans, we threw it out. who do you turn to? go back to republicans and vote and it turns out right now people favor voting for a republican candidates. >> just about 10-point gap which is consistent with what gall up told us. the general balloting more people want to vote for republicans than democrats and they are far worse than they were for bill clinton.
8:10 am
will that lead to a revolt in the house and senate in we don't know. it is individual races and they are not genieric. >> we'll have a poll on twitter. you have to pick the independent and let us know. find us at @ fox >> charlie rangel in the media. his legal fees $111,000 and they continue to go up as he fights the ethics charges. >> that $111,000 is since july. that is summer legal fees. add up all of the ethic's violation. there are 12. we have a long list of violations, you can see them on the screen. starting with conduct in violation of the solication and gift ban. 1.8 million dollars in legal
8:11 am
fees. what shocked me, new york times polled manhattan. 40 percent of his district and said what do you think the congressman's future. 70 percent of the people think he ought to end his congressional run. >> he had to have known what unfold would. four rent control. you know one has to be a primary residence . he knew what was going on. he wrote the tax code. he should leave because he is 80 years old. but in his district. but in harlem. he's leading in the polls. >> they are 40 percent of the district. they are included in the new york time it is poll. it is a great deal of his district. they are new yorkers, but you are right. primary noin or 10 days away and he's leading and looks like he will win again. >> a lot of folks know who he
8:12 am
is. when they go to the polls they may not be aware of the ethecings. >> they know the name and sweep it under the rug if you are a voters. we'll follow that story and beillet you know what you think. >> bp warning congress that it may have to stop paying for damage in the gulf. what the drilling moratorium has to do with it next. >> one man fighting to put up seens like this. showing religious messages on the road and why his town is fighting it. >> and a joke telling machine. [laughing] that is hilarous. >> that is a hert laugh. >> they need to record that and use that. [laughing] ♪ vegetables have important vitamins and minerals that can really help protect you.
8:13 am
and v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings. powerful, right? v8. what's your number?
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends" this saturday morning, critics in the deepwater horizon drilling moratorium. they are killing the local energy down there. bp is warning congress that if lawmakers pass legislation that bars them from getting new off shore drilling permits they may not have the money to pay for the damage of the spill. is it time to lift the moratorium or cope it in place. joining us nice to have you joining us. >> good to be here, >> steve, you support the drilling moratorium but to bp's argument. they say we'll not have the mon neplace to pay for the victims and damages if this moratorium stays in place. are you buying that?
8:17 am
>> no, i am not. actually bp is a well monied international conglomerate . this represents 25 percent of the overall profit . let's don't make any mistake about it, there has to be safe drilling. stakes are too high. while the moratorium while not perm night should be in place until there is safe drillings. >> this comes on the heels of another disaster this week. do we need to have a safe moratorium in place and go forward with stricter rules for gulf drilling? >> clayton. we have 14,000 wells operating around the world today. they spill over the past 20 years, 1, one thousandth of
8:18 am
all of the oil they produced in the waters. they have introduced less water in the oil than our oil tankers. >> we need the oil. >> you are buying the argument that they will not be able to pay the victims back if they are not allowed to drill. but what about steve's point? >> i didn't say that. i said america needs the oil. i don't know bp's particular situation and if they need new revenues. their oil production is not being shut down to pay off their legal obligation. but regardless was bp we need to drill for oil and not have a moratorium. as bad as unemployment is. it went up yesterday. we are forcing people out of work in the gulf where the states actively lobbying to get the moratorium taken off.
8:19 am
>> beyond bp, sterling has a point. the administration knew it would cost 26,000 jobs in the gulf as a result of this. >> reform is always difficult. but be real direct. it is not world wide dependence on the gulf. we have done that far too long. in the gulf of mexico, one of the coastal states where i love and live, florida is adversely affected in a generational way. to that particular point he is wrong. they have spilled more oil. four million barrels of oil in the last four months of the oil spill than spilled in 50 years. let's stop this. we want save drilling or no drilling. as far as bp pays, believe me, they will pay. >> steve and sterling, thank you for joining me. >> coming up on the show.
8:20 am
actor michael douglas is battling stage four throat cancer. >> and we'll talk to a expert next. >> a teenage boy is looking for drugs. who he texted to score the pot is just down right dumb. to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check. i love running my tongue across my teeth and feeling l the stuff i missed. [ male announcer ] no one really wants plaque left on their teeth, done. [ male announcer ] but ordinary manual brushes can leave up to 50% of plaque behind. oral-b power brushes are inspired by the tools professionals use, to clean away plaque in ways a manual brush can't. for that dentist-smooth, clean feeling every day. fight plaque with real power. oral-b power. get 50% off oral-b power brushes for a limited time.
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>> here is a few quick headlines. rescuers in chile are assembling a faster drilling machine to reach those miners. they will start drilling a 30 rescue shaft. tomorrow is a month that they have been trapped. >> a new hampshire hamp man is fighting to display bible
8:24 am
passages on the road. he said the bible saved him from an adeclaration of pain killers and signs for jesus can help others. the town's plan zones denied the request. they say the letters can't be electronicic. >> startling confession by actor michael douglas is battleling stage four throat cancer. he spoke candidly about his treatment on the late show. >> i finished my first week of radiation and chemo, and it is an eight week struggle. >> you have begun the reg min. >> i have started already. >> you have never looked better. >> douglas said it was caused by smoke drinking. >> how did that come to play with the throat cancer. joining me is director of university of the maryland
8:25 am
grown bound cancer center. we know throat cancer there is a link with cigarettes, but with alcohol? >> alcohol is not as important as cigarettes are. almost 75 percent of head and neck cancers which are cancers in the general region are associated with tobacco use. alcohol accelerates that tremendously. alcohol is a co-factor that is enhancing the carcin genic factor. stage four cancer. he said he has 80 percent chance of survilal. >> it is pacific to throat cancer. stage 4 means that the lymph nodes in the neck are involved. this is a model, mr. douglas' cancer is in the base of the tongue. it is larger than you think.
8:26 am
only a third of it is dizzible when you look in the mirror. that means the lymph nodes in the neck are involved. it is unlike other cancers like breast or colon cancer it has spread to the liver or lungs, in head and neck and throat cancer, stage four means that the decose is in the neck but highly curable. >> you think about speech. will it affect his speech? we use a combination of chemo therapy and radiation generally to treat these types of tumors and pacificly to preserve speech and swallowing function. surgery in the base of the tongue can disrupt speech and wallowing and modern radiation and chemo therapy. we have a good chance of curing them can preserving normal peach and wallowing
8:27 am
function. >> dr. cobear what are the symptoms in >> the symptoms can be subtle. sore throat and difficulty swallowing and change in voice and swelling in the neck is a common symptoms . any of these symptoms should prompt someone see their dentist or oral surgeon or a ear nose and threat specialist. >> doctor, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> 2012 presidential ads hitting the air wave this one for hillary clinton. she didn't make this ad. find out who did. that's coming up. >> bristol palin putting on her dancing shoes and biggest diva demand on dancing with the car. coming up. >> just in time for labor day. on the plas a. stay tuned.
8:28 am
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wack back to "fox and friends". allison will be back tomorrow. but great to have you here today. >> allison will be back tomorrow. >> i will be able to sleep
8:32 am
tomorrow. here is the shot the morning. bristol palin showing off the costume she will be dancing in with "dancing with the stars". it is one of the lease riskqe and she dished out one of the dancing moves with jay leno. >> i am uncoordinate don't have rhythm and so we are starting from scratch. >> are you a diva? >> no. no. i think literally only thing i asked for is a velco mike pack so i didn't have to put it on the belt loop. >> every time so i can dance better. >> bristol showed jay moves and that is not going to happen. >> biggest competition will be
8:33 am
jennifer gray. >> what about the hoff? >> learn how to dance for the movies. and you have people who are professional basically dancers on the show. didn't he win? >> no, he didn't win. >> curt warner and the situation on it from jersey show. >> i how do you know the line up? >> i am a fan of the show. >> don't admit that. >> i am fan of punishments that parents impose on their. children. >> as an eighth grader. he got into a fight at school and got suspended that. was not enough for the parents. no, strap this sign here and put you by a popular city street and have everybody honk. now i don't know how to behave in school.
8:34 am
i don't know how to read. if i continue i will end up working hard for little money. we'll hear from the mom. punishment fit the crime. >> i told him, it is an embarrassment to me to have the school call me over and over again when i am trying my best to raise him as a good little boy. >> he said he learned his lesson. freddie thought it was embarrassing to his mom and will not do it again. think back to the punishments. you were always in a lot of trouble. >> more in trouble than i was. >> eighth grade, i was a worse kid. that would not work for me. we have seen it in the last couple of times. people are honking at you with a sign. young dave briggs . people are honking and laughing at you. would that -- >> read the sign and there is
8:35 am
a lot of stuff on there. i tell you what is worth it state the obvious. >> this kid has to get embarrassed by a few hundred cars and now we are putting him on national tv. >> his mom said my son has a good heart and good kid. i am just trying to be a good mom. >> it looked like he was selling furniture. >> other headlines. >> death toll rose from the homicide bombing on a shieight processional. pakistan police now say 65 people are dead from the friday attack. the taliban in pakistan is claiming responsibility for this. >> california authorities know what caused the wildfires in rural san diego that burned 800 acres. a spokesman said two illegal immigrants set the fire in
8:36 am
order to signal for help. one man called authorities saying he had been lost two days. remnants of the camp fire have been found and the two men are not found. that fire is 42 percent contained. >> a chicago dentist launching the first hillary for president ad. he believes that there is a lot of buyer's remorse with barack obama. he said hillary is the right man for the job and the next election meantime. secretary clinton insists she will not run in 2012. the adcost him $5000 . set to air in new york, and los angeles. >> he is a dentist. >> make sure you have the right number with a text message. >> a teen sent a message of a
8:37 am
lifetime. she sent the message to the county sheriff asking for pot. he dawg you have a $20 i can buy right now? and the sheriff thought it must be randy jackson. >> i didn't pick up the pot lingo. >> $i can buy. that is pot lingo. >> and the sheriff sent an undercover to bust the boys trying to buy pot and let them go after their parents promise to take care of this situation. >> how do you send that text. >> don't you have your dealer on speed dial? >> i am not going to go there. talking tennis. maria taking on venice. number one seed on the men's
8:38 am
side rod nadal. straight set win. earlier williams cruising past mandy of luxemboug . kim clisters and how about tiger woods looking to build on his decent show negligent barkley's. second leg of the second club play prives. this is tiger's tournament. his fownation . interrupted by remnants of hurricane earl. on the course. he shot a one over par. nine strokes back. first round leader is zack johnson . woods need to finish strong. he continues to strugem. >> pay attention to this. outstanding ball. one player charging the mound.
8:39 am
he was susspend with eight james. it was senof the players and coaches were suspend. morgan got the harshest punishment because it is not his offense. he threw a ball in the stands . that is never a good idea. >> there have been couple of brawls. st. louis. >> st. louis and cincinnati got after theirs. it was nasty. >> we'll check in with rick who is outside with barbecue. >> he wanted those ribs so bad. >> you never brought me food. >> i will bring you bacon. we have our guys from fatty q barbecue joint. you are master barbecuers . pitters.
8:40 am
and what do you call it? >> a lot of people enjoy bacon. who knew there a day to celebrate bacon. >> and in order, you think you can make it on your own. if you want to make bacon you can do it. >> you start with a cut of meat from heritage farms and a nice belly skin off . few basic depred gred. flour and coryandar and we cook it with a mixer. >> and stay with the foot processer . lay it on there . five-days in refrigeration. and then the pork belly in the fresh with the marinade five days. >> and then after five-days is up. you get yourself those big green egg. >> i think it is one of the greatest mokers and grills around. >> what makes it so good.
8:41 am
>> what is great about this is the cooker to smoke the lakon and grilling at a high temperature. >> take it camping with you. >> that is a slab of bacon in the frige for five-days. how long would you smoke that? >> five-senhours . keep a static temperature and internal temperature of 155. >> and these are thick splices. >> best way to serve it. and again, all of these recipes on "fox and friends".com. this is good. does the flavor come from the marinade or meat? >> this is the big reveal at 9:30. a little piggy going on in
8:42 am
there. >> that little piggy went to market and ended up on a platter. we'll talk about that. >> you better bring in bacon that's all i can say. >> bring home the bacon. >> bring it in. >> and coming up on the show, want to hear a funny joke? 700,000 stimulus going toward a joke telling machine. you will not believe how many projects are funded by your hard-earned tax dollars. >> and a school taking recess away from the little kids. hear from one mom who say it is not healthy to put our kid in the a bubble. ♪ proud to stand on our own
8:43 am
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>> hear those sound affects that. means pork time. a new poll shows fren percent of the voters think that the obama administration made the economy worse. the stimulus plan hasn't boosted the economy. but a professor was awarded $700,000 in stimulus cash to create joke telling software for computer. is that a best use of your tax dollars? we'll ask phil kirk. phil, is this a great use of stimulus dollars buying joke telling software? explain this? >> no, it is it ridiculous. the only good thing about this, it shows what a joke the stimulus is. borrow and spending our way to prosperity. we could have sent 700,000 and send the computer stimulus proyects and that is fun i
8:48 am
enough. >> a lot of the stuff was not sexy. she said you couldn't put a label on it and it went under the radar. one joke telling bit of software, the professor who got the money said it is not a laughing matter. it is a computer program that teaches us how the human brain works and study and mimic how the human brain works. do you buy that? >> no. research ought to be funded through a drin process . the stimulus bill is opposite. the government is trying to shove the money out quickly as possible. to do that they will fund ridiculous things and will not increase productivity. that is the problem. government is not good at picking investments that make sense outside of the basic
8:49 am
stuff it needs to do. >> if you are paying attention. glance over your screen. 554,000 for new window in a mount st. helen's visitor center . 6.9 million to store dry tortugas national park. many saying i don't have a job. why are we paying for dry tortugas national park? >> government spending is so high, when they decide to get the economy moving through more spending which is proving not to work. when they do that. they are grasping at straws with way to push the money out of doors and now talk of another stimulus. i think it is a disaster if they follow the approach of more and more government spending. if we want to get the economy create tax cuts a certainty.
8:50 am
>> we'll find out what president obama's plans are for the middle class stimulus as limp >> phil, thank you for joining us . >> coming up on the show. a school getting rid of recess for little kids . one mom thinks we aring our kids too employ. >> you will not believe what is on iraqi television. a show that tricks people into thinking that cars and bombs in them. geraldo here to weigh in on the top of the hour. appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush. woman: really? appraiser: it's just beautiful, thank you so much for bringing it in. woman: unbelievable anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> well, as kids head back to school. something important will be missing from one rhode island school district. recess. replaced by more structured gym time apparently.
8:54 am
>> the elementary school is say it's better for the communities, but some parents disagree. one of the parents join us, a mom, a concerned parent, irene, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so what essentially we're understanding that they made a conscious effort to at least replace the physical activity that they're not going to have because of doing away with recess. so what is your particular gripe doing away with recess? what will your kids miss out on? >> well, they're not doing away with recess. they're changing the way recess will be this year. they're calling it enhanced recess and that means that there will be structured activities led by the classroom teacher. so if the classroom teacher decides that they'll play a bean bag toss game every child will play that game whether they like it or not. it will not be unstructured free time anymore. >> it's more like a gym class, forced to do whatever the teacher wants you to do not like taking a break from the classroom. >> absolutely. it's like a physical education class. instead of the down time or children have the freedom to
8:55 am
choose what they want to do, they won't have that opportunity. >> so, it's more about actually having the freedom to choose. it's not about physical activity in this case. this is what the superintendent, mario cirillo tells us, this is a total enhancement and allows the teachers to interact with kids on a different level and we're trying to make life better for everybody and give the kids what they need. what are they not going to give them. what are the kids going to miss out on. >> what the children will being lacking now, they won't be able to use their creativity and imagination and play what they want with whom and they'll be forced to play whatever the activity is that the teacher decides and other thing, that the recess now will not be a regular i scheduled period as it was, either before lunch or after lunch now it will be up to the teacher's discretion to when or if that class will have recess. >> well, irene, with the
8:56 am
obesity rates going up especially among our children, i understand what the superintendent is doing, first when i heard the story, doing away with recess, really? when i do more research, i find out a lot of kids need the stretch versus those kids just sit in the sand box and do nothing and no strenuous activities and obesity rates are going up. >> but sometimes sitting in the sand box is the kind of break they need. it's their down time. >> i see both sides. >> and high expectations, the high expectations placed on them these days they need time to do whatever they can to manage their stress or anxiety. >> and don't forget they need socializing, too, an important aspect for kids, too, we appreciate your time. >> it's always my favorite class. >> yes, it's an important part of growing up. >> i agree. >> it's an important part of school. coming up on the show, he said he wouldn't take moan from terrorists and that might not be the case when you follow the trail, the developer behind the mosque or cultural
8:57 am
center. what geraldo says. >> who sings poker face better, lady gaga or this duet. ryan seacrest and larry king. i think you know the answer. more of this interesting rendition coming up. >> poker face. of your five daily servings. powerful, right? v8. what's your number? delicious news for dessert lovers. introducing new activia dessert.
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because i'm a home people. and, there's no place like me. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> good saturday morning to you. september 4th. i'm ainsley earhart in for alisyn today. hurricane earl, no longer a hurricane, packing a punch. other storms op its tail coming up in a live report. >> and president obama unveiling plans to boost the economy next week. he insists it's not a stimulus, but it does involve shelling out a lot more taxpayer money. karl rove here on whether or not it's start to keep spending. >> and if you thought american reality tv shows went too far, you won't believe what's on iraqi television. a show that tricks people into thinking their cars have bombs
9:01 am
in them. our slogan this hour comes from chas in maryland. start up the band and warm up the chorus, aly is on vacation, but it's okay because we have ainsley, dave and clayton morris. nice work. >> hi, this is henry winkler, you're watching "fox & friends." >> sometimes you've got to be patient. got to let those things develop, take their course. >> it's like an aged cheese. like our show. >> welcome here to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning, i'm clayton morris, ainsley earhart in for al lynn camerota and the sudafed hasn't worn off and that's dave briggs. >> good to see you both, alisyn will be back tomorrow provided the tropical remnant didn't get in their way. >> we'll look at the damage caused by hurricane earl. bringing rain and wind and it's on its way to canada and peter doocy is live in
9:02 am
chatham, massachusetts with the latest for us, hey, peter. >> that's right, no major damage from hurricane earl, but it was powerful when it hit cape cod last night. watch this. >> almost midnight here in chatham, massachusetts, we're down by the water and hurricane earl has just been downgraded to tropical storm roll and you can see that the wind and the water are still coming in very, very hard and hits when you get hit in the face and you can see the red flag behind me, how fast the wind is blowing right now. you can see that there's the beacon in the famous late house is beaming out light for miles and miles. a lot of people are seeing what's going on and left the flip-flops here and 150 yards toward the water and relying on the beacon to lead them back to the he shore. not a good idea. but even though the waves aren't big, the current is very, very strong should anybody be unfortunate enough to end up in the water. >> and many people did not let earl interrupt their final
9:03 am
weekend of the summer, the bars here in chatham were still packed. back to you. >> yeah, how do you know? >> exactly, how do you know that? >> because-- (laughter) >> we drove by. >> yeah, right. >> that video-- >> eyewitness. >> and reporters, reports say-- >> and how are you feeling this morning? >> thanks, peter. >> well, one plan who does know is rick reichmuth and get an update on him. >> what do i do. >> about earl or the bars. >> bars. >> rick was here late. >> not last night, i was here. check out the picture and came to me on twitter from east hampton new yorks, if you have any more pictures, i'm rick reichmuth, twitter. and these waves were on shore causing beach erosion, probably the only big problem from the storm once it's done, which it almost is. about to make landfall across nova scotia. we'll see the storm surge and
9:04 am
for the most part moving quickly and areas of main still seeing rain, another hour or two and it's going to be completely done and the eastern seaboard is going to be looking great for the holiday weekend and so many people excited about it. this is the next storm that we're going to start to look at. not impressive, it was gastone and then disintegrated and laboring likely a storm today or tomorrow and not impressive, but something maybe around seven to ten days from now and that's the other spot of concern right here in the bay and that could cause rain maybe towards texas later on. the other good news, et cetera been so hot this week we've had five days of temps over the 90's in across the northeast and behind earl, check this out, fall moving in. there you go. >> feels cool out there, thanks, buddy. >> you bet. >> other headlines, the state of emergency declared in new england-- in new england, in new zealand's second largest city,
9:05 am
christchurch. the prime minister says it's a miracle no one has died. some people are, however, trapped and the quake collapsed. hundreds of buildings caused outages and made many roads impassable. bp says it successfully removed the failed blowout preventer on top of that ruptured oil well in the gulf of mexico. it's now been replaced with a working one. that's good news. the stack of valves and pipes expected to reach the surface, federal investigators will take it for examination and the blowout preventer is considered key to understanding how that happened on april 20th, which caused that massive oil leak. details about the doctor whose research tube led to that bomb scare at miami's international airport. dr. thomas butler was in the headlines, before served two years in prison for swiping bacteria samples from texas tech back in 2003. in this case butler was on the way home after teaching in saudi arabia, screeners noticed a suspicious tube in his luggage which looked like
9:06 am
a pipe bomb. turns out it was a research tool so he's not going to face any charges. president obama promised this would be the summer of recovery. the summer is nearly over and millions of americans remain out of work, and new job numbers show 54,000 new jobs lost just last month. republican congressman jeff davis of kentucky addressing the economy in this week's g.o.p. address. >> the nation's unemployment rate has now been above 9% for 16 consecutive months despite the fact that the obama administration promised that the trillion dollar stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. so the question remains, where are the jobs? >> davis says the government must take common sense steps leak abandoning tax, tax hikes to help small businesses get back to creating jobs. and those are your headlines. >> all right, we're lucky enough to be joined by the great geraldo rivera on a saturday morning. >> good morning. >> because you are here on a
9:07 am
very special day we'll get to in just a second because you have made your name in news, we need your take on the big news stories of the morning the so-called ground zero mosque and learning about some of the financing behind some of it aen where this investor group has gotten some of the money. turns out some of this could be tied to hamas in a round-about kind of way that one of the key investors has given money to a group that funneled the money right to hamas. what's your take. >> a lot of take and click them off. first of all, fox 5 here in new york did an excellent job and the probing we don't see enough of. major newspapers should have been checking out the finances of this place. this fellow though, i think, may be being painted with a very broad brush, remember, he gave to the holy hand foundation which was ultimately convicted of being a source of funding for hamas, but that was years later. when he gave the money it was prior to 9/11. it was in 1998, 1999, holy
9:08 am
land foundation had not yet been on the terror list. hamas indeed was not yet on the terror list and this poor fellow lost his parents when that egyptian air co-pilot, akbar drove the jumbo jet off nantucket and lost his mom and dad into a terror attack. you would not think that this guy would be a terrorist, but rather an anti-terrorist, here is my point, clayton, i think it's important. the funding and the identity of these people and others areas that need to be probed aside, what this exemplifies is the open wound that this controversy continues to represent in our nation. it's only going to get worse. i call on the people who are organizing the mosque to please, we love you, you have a first amendment right to do anything you want in terms of where you put your religious facility, we are begging you for a reasonable compromise, a
9:09 am
couple of blocks to the east i'll take you over to wall street district. still be soho, still be hip, a place where you can build a landmark mosque, but let's remove what will be the aggravating lead story on cable news for a decade if we don't. >> maybe you could help out in the middle east peace talks as well. you're the guy. >> i'd love to there. i've been around long enough. >> let me paint a story, reality television is taking an odd twist these days. a scenario, you're a celebrity, a star. someone decides to punk you, have a joke. >> it's happened. >> they put you in a car and say come to the tv studio and take you out of the car and say there's a bomb in this car. you're trying to blow us up. how would you react? that's what they're doing with the new reality show in iraq with well-known iraqi celebrities and say-- >> should i act it out. this is a joke, you played a joke putting a bomb in my car, bam, bam. i think reality tv is sick and
9:10 am
this is the sickest example i could possibly think of having been in and around ied's that blew up and took people's legs and heads off and disrupted the tempo of life in urban iraq and in the roads of afghanistan, i think it is the sickest joke i could possibly think of. i guess in a bizarre way, maybe it shows how evolved iraq is that they can make fun of their misery, but to me it's way too close. >> more than 4,000 americans have died. >> how many iraqis in the situations. >> scores of them on a regular basis. >> congratulations are in order for you, 40 years. >> imagine, imagine. >> on television. >> if you didn't watch your kids grow, time flies like that, the one marker and now when you have a 40th anniversary i'm starting my fifth decade in tv news and tuesday my actual anniversary, i started and they only put my hand on television. 'cause i just asked a question the guy was losing to the state attorney general in new york state, but my mom recognized my tattoo and he said he made it he's in show
9:11 am
business. . that's all that matter. >> and leaving wall school. >> and these are great look backs and we have sound to play for you, a few seconds look back at geraldo's career, take a look. >> ♪ >> i think that you are an evil person. >> right, i'm evil the i'm terrible. >> i'm awful. >> and the two part special that's airing tonight and tomorrow night here on fox news channel. i have a question for you though. when you look back at the interviews, charles manson, muhammad ali, one interview that stands out to you more than any other, saying that's it? >> in the context of what we were talking about in terms of terror in iraq and the mosque and all of that. i did an interview with yasser arafat the minute he got out of jail. incarcerated by the israelis after the failed 2000 effort the closest they came and
9:12 am
arafat said something to me that resonates today. he says i wish i had taken bill clinton's deal. if only-- and you look back and that's the-- remember, gore lost, you know, so from november to december, clinton was the lame duck. if he'd taken that deal, he would have a nation now. >> sure. >> and to come so close and to blow it because he didn't trust that the administration could deliver the israelis, but they were so close and that, that wistful notion almost obtaining a goal because of false pride and recognizing it late in your life. >> now continues. >> now it continues and the grind. >> what a career this guy has had. we could all be so lucky, catch the special tonight. >> great footages. >> including a mustache montage you must see. good to see you, geraldo.
9:13 am
>> the boxing and the shirt. been more naked most of us. >> coming up on the show, president obama with plans to boost the economy. he insists it's not a stimulus, but does it involve shelling out a lot of taxpayer dough? karl rove is next. >> back to school, retailers selling this mug saying my kid got your honor roll student pregnant. geraldo is laughing. >> no, there he is, there, goodness. okay. ♪ [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer?
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9:16 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this saturday mornings. press obama with big plans to boost the economy next week, just don't call it a stimulus. >> that might not work out. >> that's all we know about it. the initiatives will be nothing like, quote the first
9:17 am
stimulus package. carl karl rove is here to join a fox news contributor as well. good to see you, karl. >> good morning, gentlemen. >> we know this-- >> and lady of course. >> and lady. >> sorry, i left out the adult in the situation, i'm sorry. >> don't do that to us, karl. >> we know they don't want to call anything a stimulus package. that one will not pass and unpopular with the american people, but it's hard to figure out what exactly the president might unveil in cleveland when he says takes further steps, keep the economy growing and potential for job growth and those are areas of spending. what are we talking about stimulus with another name? >> well, sure, of courser we are. we're talking about a pr gue gestu gesture. they haven't yet made the decisions and obviously, they haven't taken it up with capitol hill to find out if it's got a chance to pass, so this is a pr gesture.
9:18 am
the president last week was hammered in the polls that showed that, for example, in the cnn poll, the lowest number in the economy since he began his presidency, in another poll, a gallup poll, the republicans are winning on the issues of jobs, xh i and spending and the president's way upside down on the economy, so this is a pr gesture designed to try and salvage some of his party members in the fall election. it's too late. the economy is baked into the fall election and people's per m ceptions are pretty well set. >> you would advise republicans, what you would say to them. calling for small businesses and initiatives, and appears this could be, so much so, president obama planning to roll back the bush tax cuts in favor of a middle class stimulus as it would be called or not be called. what's your take on that. how do republicans come out against that? >> again, it depends on what it is. you can apply a label to it.
9:19 am
it doesn't make it that. for example, he's talked about a small business bill, 30 billion dollars now before congress, but in actuality if you look at the bill. what it is, it's a bank bailout for community banks and as i've gone around the country the last couple of weeks, i've run into community bankers who say we don't want to be tarred with the same brush and second of all we don't need it. we need the willing lenders or less owners regulations causing us to take performing loans backed by real estate and classify them as nonperforming. you can slap a label on it, but it doesn't make it thus. >> people do not want stimulus, but i'm hearing they want more karl rove. thanks for being here. >> great to see you. >> it seems like a good idea, and a nice kid, but could it actually be dangerous? why one dad says we're actually raising our kids to be like the next enron executives. >> and then eggs and shoes go
9:20 am
flying out and tony blair's book shining. what had the crowd so heated up next. [ male announcer ] today, scrubbologists reveal
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9:23 am
>> it's something we hear about all the time. little bobby is such a nice kid. well, we tell our children to be nice, nice to one another and respectful thing to do. even santa asks kids it they've been naughty or nice, but is nice actually a bad thing? >> well, timothy smith says yes, the author of the "the danger of rising nice kids" and joins us this morning. timothy, nice to see you this morning. >> good morning, good to be with you. >> so, what is wrong with raising nice kids, explain this to me. >> i'm a parents coach and sometimes i have kids in the office and talking to them and i realize they're just working
9:24 am
their parents and then i talk to the parents and parents are saying, hey, they're good kids, nice kids they're getting good grades and not getting in trouble, not smoking pot and they're nice kids, but the word nice originally means in the old english, to be unprepared, but pleasant and somewhat foolish and actually comes from the latin word meaning ignorant means not knowing. i don't want my kids to be pleasant fools, unprepared for life. that's a good point, but give us an example. when we think of nice kids we say, little bobby is great as ainsley was saying off the top and that's fantastic that bobby is such a good little boy. if i'm in school and bobby gets in a fight and kids are calling themselves and bobby walks away, i'm not going to get involved with the situation and nice boy and go home. give us an example, a boy might not be nice. he could learn to stand up for
9:25 am
himself. the idea of niceness, not that you doesn't want them to be nice, nice is not good enough. you want them to have strength, internal abilities to set boundaries and ability to be compassionate. so parents only focus on the extern nals and not internals, then our kids are going to be prepared, but they're not going to be prepared to deal with the tough situations let's say had high school, college and a lot of times see them caved? >> timothy, i was raised you can say anything and it's just the way you say it, niceness did matter, helps you get jobs and cooperate in class with other students and liked by your teachers and in sporting events you need all of it. you need niceness. >> oh, sure, sure. >> how can you say you don't? >> yeah, niceness is good, but it's not enough. for instance, a lot of parents say i'm doing a gooed jo be as a parent my kid is not creating problems for me, he's getting good grades and looks nice and actually on the varsity team or doing well with the club sports and i
9:26 am
think a lot of parents are just settling for that. and yet, there's so much more about parenting that we need to do. we need to parent from the enside out. because some of the decoys of niceness, there's academics, hey, my kid is on the honor roll, as a parent they don't have a funky hair-do or weird tattoos, achievement. doing this or that i've done a good job as a parent. >> they might get pushed around in other ways and i look the example you point out. hey, this one kid is getting pushed around and told the other kid doesn't want him on the team and thinks about it and goes back and actually then convinces one of these boys to, hey, let me and my partner here on the team and he actually has a conversation and stands up for himself and gets put on team. >> that's internal strength. we have two daughters and i wanted my daughters to walk into the situation in kindergarten, middle school, high school, and now at work
9:27 am
to influence the situation and be leaders rather than influesed by the situation. i want my kids to be influencers. >> timothy sold me, no more being nice. timothy, thanks so much for joining the show, better luck next time, i'm done. >> just in time for back to school shopping items like this mouse pad. take a look, my kid got your honor roll student pregnant. well, that's not nice! hear why some moms are outraged. that's coming up next. and mom by day, escape artist by night. this mom's trying to break a world record by freeing herself from a straight jacket. ooh, class phobic, can she do it? we'll find out. we're getting ready for labor day in honor of labor day apparently we're celebrating national bacon day, too, roasting a pig out there on the plaza. ♪ ♪ what the people need ♪s a way to make 'em smile ♪ it ain't so hard to do if you know how ♪
9:28 am
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9:31 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." 9:30 eastern time and a shot of the morning. you've heard lady gaga sing poker face a half million times, but you haven't heard neg until you hear ryan seacrest and larry king try to sing it. here they are on mr. sea crest's radio show on thursd thursday. earmuffs ♪ can't read my, can't read my poker face ♪ ♪ she's got me leak nobody. can't read my, can't read me,
9:32 am
no, can't read 0 my poker face ♪ >> gets so much worse. >> larry? >> ♪ pppp poker face. mmmm, pp. about p poker face. ppp. pppp poker face ♪ >> reading the lyrics. >> oh, man, larry! oh! >> that's awesome, i love it. >> we apologize for doing that to you this morning. >> no we don't. we enjoyed it. cooking up for labor day. >> earl is gone and everybody on the eastern seaboard, most people in the country are going to have a spectacular labor day and people want to barbecue and people want to spice it up and we've got the guys from fatty cue at the amazing barbecue place and what is this? >> this is the cuban pig roasting box and they call it the pig microwave. what it does, basically, puts a pig inside, 0 being, cover
9:33 am
it up, and you put charcoal on top and it actually cooks from the top down and acts like a broiler and cooks under pressure and cooks a hundred pound big in four hours. we have a huge big in here and let's go over and the pig has been devoured by the great group of butchers that you have over here doing their thing so we brought out some of the pieces of meat. what is the meat and what makes it so good when you cook it that way. >> first of all, you get a nice, crispy skin and a juicy pig because that's a field box. as you can see, all the juice, all the flavor, nothing's gone everywhere. >> it's falling apart. >> okay, in a pig, obviously, different pieces of meat tastes different. >> absolutely. >> okay. ribs different than what is this. >> this is-- >> aside from a foot and a leg? >> this would be the shoulder part. >> the shoulder. >> yeah. >> and then the butt here.
9:34 am
>> many' confused, shoulder dean is attached to the hoof. >> the shoulder and here is the ham. >> is there marinade or anything. >> this guy has been under brine for two days, what kind of brine? >> basic water, salt, sugar and we put, euse the main ingredient of our brine is indonesian bay leaf. >> some of the spices you guys talk about, are not at the average-- >> some are in brook len. can you buy this online and order it? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> all right. >> that's incredible. it's really good. the great thing for all of our guests who came outside and back here, we're giving them barbecue today. these recipes you can find on and guys from fatty q, thank you so much for coming. happy labor day. send it back inside. >> thanks, rick. >> thank you, rick.
9:35 am
>> now or your headlines, a skydiving trip turns deadly when a small plane crashes in a field. nine people included killed four from england and-- near christchurch. >> a fire that damaged construction equipment at the site of a future mosque in tennessee was arson. the fire happened last weekend in murphiesboro and that's the video what you're looking at here, that's in tennessee. a $20,000 reward has been posted for information leading to arrest. an angry reception in dublin during the first public signing of tony blairs memoirs where he discusses the iraq war. the former prime minister arrives with chants of war protesters and hurling eggs at him and shoes and he was not
9:36 am
injured, he wasn't hit. imagine back to school shopping and you find this, it's a mouse pad that reads "my kid got your honor roll student pregnant". i think we have some video of that. sears recently removed the mouse pads from their site after some complaints, but the company that makes these is still selling the products with that phrase and with other phrases on them as well. we spoke to some parents earlier to get their thoughts. >> not only is it offensive because it glorifies bad behavior. and i think these messages normalize violence against children. >> it's satire and it's one of those things where we're sort of tired of parents who are not necessarily talking to their children about things they need to talk about. >> sears has offered an apology and says that it's in the process of removing similar items, however, the products can still be found for sale on amazon. >> an amazing story, a nurse walks into a dying cancer patient's room and makes the
9:37 am
discovery of a lifetime. wanda rodriguez says when she heard the patient's name she went into his room and knew, it was her father as soon as she saw him. get this. she hadn't seen him in 41 years. >> wow. >> to be sure she asked if he had any children. he said he had two daughters, one wanda. she began to weep and told him, guess what, i'm your daughter. >> oh, imagine of all the chances. thanks, ainsley, let's toss it out to dave who is outside with home depot. >> boy, is it a beautiful afternoon, too, thank you very much, guys. it's amazing what new carpet can do to a home, you walk in and it changes the entire complexion of the place and mark cartozza we pulled him away from the bacon in time to talk about the great carpets you can find at home depot and martha stewart getting in the game. >> of course she is. >> to your point much like paint, carpet is one of the easiest ways to really make a huge statement in a room and
9:38 am
change the look of the room. >> and very affordable. >>, but we want to talk about a couple of different collections we have. start off with martha stuart. and martha stewart living carpet. one of the things you want, softness, you want it to feel good, durable, obviously, and you want it to have some style. they've worked all of that into the system. a couple of things about this, it's got a lifetime warranty against stains and soil. >> how is that possible? >> it tells you that they're confident that it's not going to stain. >> yeah. >> and if they're confident, obviously, you can be confident and have a couple of other, 20 year warranty on texture and tells it's going to look like this 20 years from now and 20 year abrasive wear warranty and something hard rubbing against something softer like a shoe, or furniture against the carpet. it's not going to leave the damage if it didn't have that protection and the cool thing about this though. >> and like to call briggs proof. >> this is briggs proof.
9:39 am
>> if you are decor challenged as a lot of us are, the system that martha and her team come up with, all of tt carpet and paint exclusive at home depot, each have one of these logos. if you pick a paint that features let's say the apple. if you go to the carpet, everything with an apple, you know, matches that paint. they've already thought through all of that. so it helps you to create a cohesive look across the room and create nice transitions from wall to wall, color to color or carpet to wall because they go together. >> even color blind dudes like me can make the homes match. >> absolutely. >> it's exclusive to home depot. >> it won't help you pick the exact color or carpet, but it narrows you down and gives you a smaller group to choose from. >> prevents you from a huge mistake. >> prevents that totally. this is another collection, a plus collection. similar with martha. a lifetime warranty for stain and soil, but a 25 year
9:40 am
warranty for retention of the shape and for the wear. so, a little-- it's the best warranty in the business for corporate. >> don't forget you need a nice pad to preserve the carpet and also to make it more comfortable on the bare feet. i walk around in bare feet a lot. we'll talk about the water resistance or lack there of and how important it is for the carpet. >> i have two pieces of carpet. this is untreated and this is one like we just talked about that has steam bonded waterproof stuff in it. let's just say, the material that makes it waterproof is actually bonded to each and every fiber of the carpet and it's not just a treatment on the surface. let's put those in, it again, this is the entry, you can see it's automatically soaking up the water. >> you're talking ten seconds. >> it's clear what a quality carpet is. >> what that tells you in the real world. if you spill kool-aid or wine or grape juice on the carpet. you've got that long to get it
9:41 am
off. this one when you spill it, it's like a waxed car and up on the top. >> you can find that and water resistent quality made carpets like the martha stewart line at home depot, mike cartozza, thank you. >> what's coming up. >> vice-president biden and speaker pelosi saying let the bush tax cuts expire, but it won't hurt 97% of businesses. really? stuart varney is here next, why they might be spinning the number. check this out, a mom with a houdini like alter ego, watch as she tries to break a world record by escaping from a straight-jacket. ♪ [ male announcer ] how about we open up a whole can of getting it done?
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>> welcome back here to "fox & friends," to explain why all small businesses, just did air quotes, when the bush cuts expire next year, vice-president joe biden says this. >> there aren't 3% of the small businesses in america that would qualify for that tax cut of the top 2%. >> wow, the vice-president and nancy pelosi say that 97% will get a tax cut, but are they counting the number of businesses that are actually going to help the economy or are they spinning the numbers? let's ask stu varney, good morning to you, sir. this didn't sound right. when i heard that wow, the bush tax cuts could only affect 3% of small businesses, how did they come up with the
9:46 am
numbers. >> there are lies, damned lies and statistics. the vice-president and administration are playing around with numbers and fiddling around with the numbers and for a brief, shining moment. put the numbers on one side and forget the statistics and deal in reality. there are many, many small business owners who regard their business income as personal income, it is taxed on personal income tax rates. if they're successful in making money, those personal income tax rates on their business income go up, as of january the 1st. the result, they're not going to hire. so that's reality number one. many, many successful small businesses will be paying higher taxes and will not hire come january the 1st. but then, there is another argument, also, made by vice-president joe biden. and he says, you let the rich keep more of their money, they won't spend it, can we roll some tape on that? >> those making over a million dollars a year are not in a
9:47 am
position where they're not liquid enough to be able to spend on what they need. and another $100,000 in liquidity is not going to have any impact on economic growth or job creation. >> again, there are lies, damn lies and statisticses. let me give you a statistics, joe biden is wrong. into um one top 5% of income earners have 37% of all the spending. let them keep more of their money and they will spend more and that will be systtimulative to the economy. what they don't spend they invest and you create jobs by investing. we've got a big argument. the democrats are split on this, should we tax the rich more on january 1st. can you stimulate the economy with higher taxes on the rich? it's a key debate. it's really intense at this moment. >> absolutely, we're going to wait to see what president obama has to say on wednesday and that's why stuart varney is not relaxing on a beach
9:48 am
this weekend. he's got the full two hour freedom cost of business block live at 10 a.m. to talk about all of this economic news which all americans are focused on. thank thanks. >> man, is he a hard worker. this mom has an interesting hidden talent. she's an escape artist, will she be able to break a world record and escape from that straight jacket? what do you think, clayton? >> i don'ten, she's a mom and might have put some crisco in there. decadently delicious. 60 calories. it's finally me o'clock. time for jell-o. try new chocolate mint sensation.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
>> all right. welcome back to "fox & friends." it's a moment i've been waiting for all moment. she's a mom of three, but she's an escape artist on the side and her name is alex
9:52 am
purnell and judges for the world records. you are the world record holder here also to weigh in on this, but alex, i have to ask you how did you get into being an escape artist. >> it started when i was in high school and my husband was a big houdini fan and he was fascinated with magic and escapes and-- >> so he kind of pushed, you kind of about you shallpushed t bill. >> i showed her. >> well, you started locking her up, why. >> i had some aspirations and she was better than i was. >> what do your kids say about this? >> they think it's cool. >> they do. >> yeah. >> i would think it would be awesome. >> you were nervous sharing with this people and now on national television. >> i can't believe it, all in ten months. >> so you're going to try to attempt to break this and ask this from the world records here what you have to do to break this record. you want to tell us. >> you have a data base and it
9:53 am
will be a brand new world record category, fastest escape ten padlockses and 50 feet of chains. >> how long does it take. >> it will be a brand new record she's setting. put out for other people to try to beat. >> get your stop watch ready. >> are you confident you've got the chains on and ten padlocks and a straight jacket. >> start and finish before the end of the show. >> are you ready. >> one, two, three. >> go, alex, go! >> wow. >> she's got the shimmy down. the shimmy and the shaek. >> not sure why it's helping, but a couple of chains have come out. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> how in the world. >> wow, do you ever feel claustrophobic. >> we don't want to distract her, trying to set a world record. >> and used to be
9:54 am
claustrophobic and with the underwear and jumps into 25 feet of janes and shackles. >> wow, all the chains are off now. >> is she like-- >> and can you have your microphone. >> can she dislocate her shoulder, how she gets out of it? >> really, got to be pretty flexible and willing for some pain and her beg thing is mind over matter if you don't mind it doesn't matter. >> how is she doing, guys. >> and we've talked about it and her technique is different from theirs and they don't understand how she can do it. and her line is always, you know, i've had three kids and natural childbirth. >> the toughest, and-- i've been in a dressing room leak before and tried on a silk dress and you can't-- >> you get claustrophobic. >> she's out. >> when does the clock stop. when she's out of it. >> she has to throw it down on the ground. >> and the other part, she has to swim across san francisco
9:55 am
bay. >> what does the clock say. >> a minute and 30. >> under two minutes-- >> she's trying to get her hand out to be able to try to do the straps because it gets hard. >> are your kids watching at home. >> they are, she's got the back off now. >> wow. >> wow. >> do the kids get to practice locking her up. >> no. and just curious. the thing for her, watch at the end and she's pretty bruised and the funny part we walk around. >> one hand out. >> oh, my! >> almost! . good job, alex, go, alex. >> the crowd is rooting her on. >> wow. >> two more locks. >> a few more, alex, keep going, there you go! >> and i want to help her. >> i want to help her.
9:56 am
don't help her, don't help her. >> do it herself. >> two locks left to go and she's almost out of it. >> there we go, woo! >> go! >> yeah! >> good job. >> the record, 2 minutes and 37 seconds. [applause] >> congratulations. >> and we'll be right back, more with alex, the new world record holder. >> very nice. >> look at that. >> how about that! >>
9:57 am
so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free!
9:59 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends," many are asking when will clayton be fitted for a straight jacket. >> i've been wondering for a long time, how does it feel. >> i don't know how you did it. two minutes and 35 seconds with chains wrapped around. >> what tips for clayton. >> struggle, you have to work at it. determination. >> turn around, turn around. >> do you want to start the clock. >> how much time do we have left? >> we'll do it in the after

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